Wedding Bands in Wicklow FAQs

Q. What sort of music do you play?

A. Our music is varied to cater for all ages. We observe and tailor to the audience. Music is played from the 50’s through the ages to the present day. We hope there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. And yes there are those lovely ballads for that special time of the evening. But book us as your function band and you’ll get more than just great “live” music…the show also contains EXTRAS in which your guests can really get involved. Have your cameras at hand for our air guitar competition, maybe some unexpected backing singers and singing battles all provided by us, you and your guests!

Q. Can you provide Scottish Ceilidh music?

A. Yes we can, we can provide this for the multi-talented dancers, please note that this Service comes at a 45 minute minimum, usually before & after your buffet. It will be called with instructions of the reels and jigs as well. Please discuss this with us.

Q. Can we come and see you play live?

A. Yes. We invite couples to come and hear us at local bar gigs. Please phone/e-mail for forthcoming dates. It is usually in Edinburgh / Fife

Q. Do you have a professional sound system?

A. Yes we have a professional sound system that can accommodate small or large venues. It also incorporates a unit which allows us to acoustically measure the room to equalize our sound to a well balanced quality i.e. not too loud, too bassy, too tinny or howling feedback!

Q. Do you have lighting?

A. Yes. We have sweeping disco lights, which light up the dance floor area immediately in-front of the band, and sound to light coloured boxed lights on the band.

Q. How long do you play for?

A. We perform from the start time of your event (if possible) with a break in the middle usually when a buffet is served for 30/45 minutes or so. After which we will resume until the agreed finish time usually 12am. However if you have any particular arrangements we can work with you regarding this. Extensions on midnight can result in a double break and corporate events times are organized on request usually before the event. Please note many southern acts usually only perform 2×45 mins or a 1 hr set. We believe in value for money.

Q. Do you have a cd to listen to?

A. Yes Cd’s are available on request, also check out our Audio Web page for mp3 downloads. Or alternatively check our MySpace page or e-mail us.

Q. Can you play our first dance?

A. Yes. If it is in our repertoire, we can also play the original off Mini -disc, or learn it and perform it, please discuss this with us.

Q. How far do you travel?

A. Anywhere usually if we can physically get there in plenty of time to suit your occasion, (Travel costs may be added required depending on distance to venue).

Q. How late do you play?

A. Our finish time is usually up to 12:00pm. We can perform past this time prior to arrangements made in advance. (an extra charge may incur)

Q. Is music provided during the break?

A. Yes we can provide an automatically controlled semi disco between our “live” performances, where we use our hi-tech CD player through our sound system to play all your favourite dance floor hits. We will also endeavor play some background music (if time permits) prior to the live performance, helping to create a great atmosphere.

Q. Do you have a dress option?

A. Normally we dress in smart but casual matching outfits, more modern and up-to date than some (not men in black) , but will dress for any special occasions accordingly.

Q. How long before the event do we need to book the band?

A. We always recommend booking as early as possible. Many of our clients book from between 6 to 12 months ahead. However, we can be available on short notice.

Q. Have you got full Public Liability cover and a current PAT certificate?

A. Yes. We’re happy to provide copies of the relevant certificates on request. An increasing number of hotels and venues now insist that all entertainers have both Public Liability cover and a valid Portable Appliance Test (PAT) electrical certificate. Questions of band requirements (where possible)

Q. How much space do you require?

A. Approx 20 ft X 10 ft minimum.

Q. There’s a noise limiter fitted in our intended venue – is this OK?

A. Unfortunately not. In common with most other bands we are unable to play through noise limiters because they can result in frequent and embarrassing “cut outs” in the music. Not only would this ruin the event for you and your guests but it could also damage our equipment. So, please ensure that an appropriate venue power supply operator is available if a noise limiter is fitted to eliminate any disruption to your evening entertainment.

Q. Can we use your sound system for speeches/raffles etc?

A. By all means, although bear in mind that this facility won’t be available to you until after we’ve set up our equipment or have dismantled.

Q. How long does it take you to set up your equipment?

A. No more than three quarters of an hour to an hour. If possible we like to have a sound check but we realise this isn’t always possible – for example, if you’re getting married and your guests are already situated in the room when we arrive.

Q. Do I need to arrange a changing room for you?

A. If possible, ideally yes (Would you change in the toilets for an event, NO we don`t either). If you could liaise with your venue/ wedding co-ordinator for us they should be happy to provide this free of charge. Payment questions-

Q. How much do you charge?

A. Charging very much depends on the location of venue. But we do have a standard regional fee and our rates are very competitive, please contact us or Music for Scotland for details.

Q. Are you VAT registered?

A. No, we are not . We don`t earn nearly enough to be. However we can provide invoices on request for corporate events, etc.